June 28 LO

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June 28 LO

I feel like it's missing something. Any suggestions?

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I think its GREAT!!!!! Nice job!

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Very cute. I love the "then" and "now"

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it looks perfect to me!

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I think its great I may have to scraplift the idea

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That really was a great idea for a LO! I don't think it's missing a thing.

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That is lovely just the way it is.

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I really like this LO. I love the then and now ones! Biggrin

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That is such a good idea for a layout! I don't think it's missing anything, but you can play around with some buttons/brads/staples and see if you can anchor your orange paper or yellow shape, that might make it feel 'done', just adding a few details? Does your program allow you to do drop shadows? They might make you feel it's 'done', too, because it's more 3-D, if you know what I mean.