Just bleh

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Just bleh

Last night and this morning I was going through all my scrapbook albums and pages to re-catalog everything I have done so far (4 kids + me and whatever else- it's easy to forget what you have done) and most of the pages just suck. I am not happy with a lot of them. Maybe it's just the mood I am in.

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I think sometimes we are too critical of our work...especially when we are in a blah mood. Put it away and look at it again later. And really I think that sometimes we just get better and more creative the longer we do scrapbooking so it's probably easy to look back at the earlier stuff and think it is that great. It's like everything else in life...you always get better as you go...but it doesn't mean the first stuff is bad! I am sure it is all good! Smile

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*hugs* I bet it's just the mood you're in.

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Remember- we are our own worst critic. I know I am. I look back at my first pages, and I am like, :eek: I thought that was good?! Lol They are there to look back on. They are amazing!

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:bigarmhug: I go thru the same phases, but then I go back when I'm in a better mood and think it just shows my progression as a scrapper.

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I agree with pp, that it's hard to compare early work with current, but hey, it shows the progress we've made.