Just checking in....

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Just checking in....

....I'm still here, but visiting the boards a lot less. My scrapbooking mojo has gone for now (personally speaking), but I still have a big project to work on, due X-mas for my brother. You will all get to see it when it's done. Right now all I want to do is read or play computer games. Who knows when my mojo will return, but I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you all....and hopefully I'll return real soon....I'm falling behind! Oh my!

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Miss you Aja! Hope you get your mojo back soon! Mine comes and goes.

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aawww miss u Aja. hope it comes back soon. Maybe a trip to your lss would get u running again? Reading anything good lately?

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"Mommy2007" wrote:

Reading anything good lately?

A lot of romance...LOL!!

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Hope you find it soon Aja! Agree with PP that maybe a trip to your local sb store would help.

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Glad you dropped in even if you are not scrapping. Hopefully you will be again soon. Christmas will sneak up on you.

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oh, Aja, lack of mojo SUCKS!!!! sure hope you get it back soon, I know how the computer games can suck brain power away from us (I'm victim too sometimes)