Just Christmas Thread

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Just Christmas Thread

I thought it'd be fun to have a thread of JUST Christmas cards/layouts/crafts/etc. Please no comments. And leave the siggies off. Smile Please post any/all of your cards, crafts, etc....even from years' past. It'll be fun to see all the inspiration!

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just finished this card. Candy canes are from Christmas Cheer, Warmest Wishes is from Jasmine. I distressed the background paper.

And for some REALLLLLY old stuff

my first exploding box

lol, kayson's hand and foot cut-outs from last year. Smile

hope I didn't overload!!!

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Oh fun! Here are some of mine!

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Here are some old stuff from me:

A premade layout i made:

a bunch of cards:

and an altered item:

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Fun! Charys, I know no comments, but I figured I'd squeeze it in here! I LOVE that Reindeer layout, I remember loving it when I saw it awhile back. I found some reindeer ears in my Christmas totes today and am so making one just like it with a photo I have yet to take of Miles wearing the reindeer ears!

I made this hat for Miles, I made one just like it last year (you can see it in my decorations post I set it out on a shelf)

and then, I had some leftover yarn so I made this for some family friends who recently had a baby

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our stockings that I started last year and finished a few weeks ago (I think I posted them before...not sure though)

My sister's ornament box (I might have posted this too...)

I don't think I have any other old LOs, cards, etc. uploaded to photobucket (I cleaned out my account recently)

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Paper wreath for MIL. I still want to make one more for my Grandma.

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Cute stockings Lauren!! And Lena...WOW!!! That wreath is totally cool!!!