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Just a couple

these are certainly NOT my best work, but I was in such a hurry to get more mother's day cards done I just threw them together. Sad

and I made this for the Frame Challenge. It's a Mother's Day gift to my friend Trudi....aka "Gigi". The photo is their 5 Generation pic!

I didn't get any pics taken of the two other gift projects, so I will have to post those after we get back from Ft. Worth. Hopefully by then we'll figure out what's wrong with my PC. I hate using DH's computer because nothing is saved and I can't find any of my favorites.

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I think these look great. I definitely don't think I would put these in a bad category :).

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I think those cards are awesome! I like the 5 generations too. Its good!

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i love them all! is that frame from graphically speaking?! the one i was trying to use for the frame challenge looked really similar! i just cant figure out how to get it the right size for my pic! lol but yours looks amazing! Biggrin

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I love the first card with the sun, it definitely does not look thrown together at all, it looks like a decent amount of time was put into it. I guess at this point you're on autopilot while making fabulous cards.

The 5 generation LO is cute too, what an precious and priceless photo to have.

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Charys, your "quickies" blow away the ones that take me hours!! Smile OMG!! I LOVE them all, but that 5 generations one is amazing!! Wow!! She will LOVE that!! TFS

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If you just threw those together then...WOW:eek:
Those do not look thrown together at all!
I also love how you have the shredded paper on the generation pic. Very cool!

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Those are great Charys I really like the 5 generation one too.

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those are great cards and i love the stitching on them.

i love the 5 generations LO

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My favorite is the second one. They are all awsome though.

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they are still really good! I love those sun rays:D

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those look awesome! love how you put the zig-zag stitch in the middle of regular stitching on the first one. and really love your use of stickles on the second (they must have a really fine tip, I can't get the glitter glue to come out that thin). the five generations of love is BEAUTIFUL!

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they all look awesome! the second card is my fave!

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I think I'm going to make myself the "stop diminishing your work" task force. We do that a lot. (Not just you... I'm very guilty of it myself) The fact of the matter is that you created. You took some time for you to create for someone else and you know what, it's really wonderful, rough edges and all which really adds to the charm of your card. Wink

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1 - I love the sun! That's a neat idea, to use the ribbons like that.
2 - Great stitching, and I love the 'vase' of flowers!
3 - She's going to love it, so pretty!

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