Just a dozen cards

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Just a dozen cards

Hey my friends!

Can I just say it again: I MISS SCRAPBOOKING!!! Seriously, I'm dying to get the time to scrap. I need some scrap therapy asap. And all your MOJO is making me itch to get my paper out.

But in the meantime I've thrown together some easy cards......some of my faves I forgot to get pics of before mailing. :rolleyes: Anyways, here are a couple:

these two were thank yous I made for Sarah to give away. I made her a few more, but didn't get pics

And Kayson's 4th birthday party invites....we are going with the Robots theme (obviously). They were simple, but I didn't have the time to make detailed cards. The cuts are all from the Robots cartridge. He is going to be 4 on October 9th!! :eek:

There are lots of cute cuts on that cart, but I let Kayson pick each robot out for each of his friends. He was very specific on which ones he wanted cut. Smile

a card I made Scott

and a birthday card from the boys to Scott:

There's a story behind those cuts.... Scott nicknamed Kayson "Stink" since he was baby and Cohen "Peanut". I saw those cuts on Create a Critter and thought they'd be perfect. LOL

an anniversary card for my friends who are celebrating in Disney World!

and a card for Kayson's teacher...he helped make the whole thing. Biggrin

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as usual those cards are amazing & inspiring!!!

Tell Kayson great job on helping mommy!!! 4 yrs old WOW

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A robot party will be so fun! The cards turned out adorable - not simple at all. I think they are perfect.

Very sweet of you to make cards for her to give away. What a thoughtful thing.

My computer won't let me see all the cards - the joys of dial-up - grrr.

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great work as always Charys!!! i love the robot cards too cute that Kayson picked out each robot for his friends!!! Biggrin

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awesome cards! I have been on a card hiatus since I haven't had much time/energy...love yours...hopefully they will inspire me!

For Kayson's invites, I LOVE how you used the washers and nuts on the cards. Very cute!

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Wowzers! I just made 15 TY cards for Jim and they were nowhere as good! Beautiful!!! How'd you get that torn edge on that first one? Love the invites...wish we were getting one. LOL. Love the card K made, he's gonna be great like his mommy. TFS

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These are all so good! I love your cards. The invitations are great!

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There is nothing "just" about your cards. They are very well done. I absolutely adore the spotted thank you and the invites. Amazing.

Where did you find that spotted/giraffe paper? Was it part of a stack or from a local shop?

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these cards rock! those invites are soo adorable!! great job as always Smile

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AMAZING as always! I always adore your stuff. Your robots are too stinking cute! Love how you let him help you out so much! That's great! Can't believe he's about to be 4! I didn't realize how close he was to Ruthie's age!

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My jaw just hit the floor... one sec while I pick it back up!

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love your cards!!! the robot invites are adorable! Love how Kayson picked out each cut. I can't believe he's going to be FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did that happen?!

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Very very inspiring cards! I absolutely adore the Robot invites!! Smile

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Awesome cards, as per usual! I'm impressed you made different invites for the party. It's so kewl that Kayson is four on the 9th. My nephew turns four on the 9th, too!

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I need you to teach me!!! Those are beautiful and fun!