Just a few!!!

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Just a few!!!

One Layout- I have more I need to photograph.... I never posted the 15 I did during the virtual crop. THis is a scraplift off someones circle page! Can I say I loved the ones I saw, but in my cursing the circles I realized the originals were digital!!! Paper circles are cursed!!!!

Cards- (be easy- I dont do cards)
1 man"ish" card for a friend who just propsed to another friend

2 bride cards- one for an engaged friend and one for a newly married one...

a close up of one...

The cards were a little inspired by Charys' class...

DId y'all notice I used Stickles... learned that 100% from y'all, I have to say they had to grow on me, the frist time I used them I ripped the letters off, I hated it... this time I wasn't liking them last night while they were wet, but this morning I was loving them! Thanks for encouraging me!!!

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I don't get when you say you don't do cards! :eek: I love your engagement card! And the other two! Great job! LOL, paper circles are a lot harder. (of course I say this completely unaware of the effort that goes into digital circles, but sure it takes less time!) The layout is well-worth your effort though...it's perfect!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

I don't get when you say you don't do cards! :eek:

Ha! I have such a hard time working without a picture....

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"jellybelle" wrote:

Paper circles are cursed!!!!

I totally agree! I think your LO rocks and your cards are amazing! I love the little dresses and the glasses. I think you did great on them.

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your circles page rocks! you're right, paper circles are HARD ... so I rarely do them. Wink and your cards look great, keep making them! I dig the ribbon on the last card, very cool.

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Wow...I can imagine that circle LO was hard...but girl, it was sooo worth your effort, I really like it a lot! And WTG on your cards, they look great!! Now I have to know what Sickles are. Smile

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The circle LO is great, I can imagine how much time and patience that took but boy was it worth it. The choice of papers looks great too, I wouldn't have thought to combine the red with the pastel blue but it goes really well. I also really like the engagement card, WTG!

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You rocked all of those Biggrin

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Paper circles are cursed. I wholeheartedly agree but the finished product is wonderful.

And if you don't do cards, then what are those fantastic cards that I see up above? Those are terrific.

I think you are too hard on yourself.

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Y'all are WAY too sweet!!!

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Those look great. I have a hard time with cards too, but yours looks great. I love that dress on the engagement cards. I really like the circle LO. I would like to try a LO with circles.

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I think the circle layout turned out really good! And I love all the cards, but I think the last one is my favorite Smile

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I LOVE them! You did great with the stickles! I heart sparkles Wink