Just getting it done ...

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Just getting it done ...

I was feeling overwhelmed today when I sat down to do my layout of the day. I just basically cut the pictures and stuck them to the paper. I printed the title on cardstock. I'm not sure if I should have matted any of the pictures, it was a hard call with that patterned paper. I've never used paper like that with actual photographs as the background. But now it's just done, and I crossed it off my list. Do you think it's okay like this? I mean, I doubt my kids will hold it against me. Wink We won't tell them that I just wanted to be done with this layout. Lol

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I think its fine, I've done a few that way and alot of the time I forget to matt, oops. I bought the dcwv summer pack and it has several papers that are actual photographs, they look cool but I have no idea how I'm going to scrap on them.

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I think it looks fine. I have a really hard time scrapping without frames or mattes. I wish I could make myself do it sometimes.

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I think it's cute. Sometimes, simple is better!

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It's VERY cute Gwen!! I LOVE simple layouts!!
BTW..I'm heading over to AC Moore tonight to get a couple things for a page that I'm working on...SO I just might have to check out the Sizzlx:o hee hee..

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thats cute it looks great

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I think you did great Gwen. It's very pretty.
Sometimes it's better to just get the layout done than to spend alot of time nitpicking about little stuff.
I should do that more. I would get more done. Wink