Just got a great deal!

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Just got a great deal!

My favorite Template designer is retiring from designing digi-scrap products (boooooo!), but she had a coupon for 70% off her entire store, so I got a great deal! I loaded up my cart with TWENTY template packs, it came to over $100 ... put in the coupon code, and I paid $33. Smile That'll keep me scrapping, even if I don't have much time being back at work now.

Anyone else get some good deals lately?

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I keep discovering more and more freebie blogs for some great designers! Does that count as a good deal?!?


Oh, and I downloaded several whimsy/folksy designed Christmas themes (the nativity I used on a LO and posted awhile ago) and then another one I used for some party invites. I snagged those at 75% off (only $2 each). I should pop back in and see what else is there.

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Wow that is a super deal! Congrats Trina!