Just like mommy LO

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Just like mommy LO

I am very happy with this LO! This is when DD was just turning 1...I am ever so slowly finishing her first year;)

I need to get the picture of me in this same dress from my mom and then that pic will go on the far right.

Close-up of the butterfly

Right after Garin was born. He looked pretty rough cause he came out so fast. He was much cuter the next day:)

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Woohooo! Congrats on getting her first year a little more finished. That is a huge goal. It looks great, especially the butterfly.

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Such adorableness. Way to go on doing some catch up work!

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What a gorgeous butterfly and LO in general. It is so pretty, and I'd like to see it when you add your pic too. Smile Great 2nd LO too.

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yeah I can't wait to see it when your pic is on there too! Smile Both layouts are great Biggrin

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oh, I really can't wait to see your picture there! so cute! and Garin's birth page is neat, I love the "ingredients" Wink

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I love both of these! the butterfly popped up on the first is great...can't wait to see it with the pic of you added in.

that second LO with the baby pics of your DS is so precious. I love the "baby facts" label...cute!

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Those are gorgeous! The first one is so delicate and lovely and the second one with the ingredients is just ace.

Oh, and i think all babies look a bit "ew!" when they first come out - they've been through a vagina, man, they're bound to look a wee bit rough! Lol Lyric looked rough and she'd come out the sunroof even! Wink

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