Just a little hello!

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Just a little hello!

Wow you ladies have been busy! I love what you all have done this crop and I haven't even finished looking through the threads.

I'm hoping to get something done tonight, but we'll see. I've been sort of consummed by the quilting bug and have started a photo/memory quilt for Yuri our exchange student. It's going to pretty cool when it's done. But I only have 2 of 35 quilt blocks finished. :eek: So I better keep working.

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you keep that quilting bug to yourself, I don't want to catch it! ROFL Sure hope we get to see some pictures!

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Ha ha ha! Gwen! Lol

Yeah, hope you share some pictures when you're done. I am sure Yuri will love it!

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Hey Shannon! missed ya girly! I just WISH I could catch the quilting bug. I can't even sew a darn hem. Wanna come sew for me? Purty please? Wink

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Yeah, you keep that bug to yourself... that bug takes FOREVER to work through your system! But I'd love to see pics! That's so awesome you're making a memory quilt... want to make some for my youngest three? I'm keeping all their cute clothes for the occasion...