just not feeling it (vent)

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just not feeling it (vent)

I have been wanting to scrap lately. I just haven't had time. Well, today I pulled out all my stuff and picked out what photos I wanted to scrap. I did one page and I am not happy with it. It's okay, but I know I can do better. I feel like I lost my mojo & imagination together. I hope that I can get it back b/c I don't want scrapping to get me upset like it did today. I tried to make a 2nd one, but it wasn't happening. I just put my stuff up. :confused:

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I'm totally there right now too. All I can think about lately is scrapping but I just can't come up with squat when I actually sit down with my stuff to get some LOs done. I hope we are both able to get our mojo back soon!

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Awww - I hate when that happens! Go browse some scrapbook galleries, maybe that will inspire you - if I can't come up with my own ideas I just steal someone elses! ROFL

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Yeah, me too! I want to scrapbook, but it's like there's other things I want to do too...like visit pg.org. LMAO. I've filled a shopping cart @ Oriental Trading Co of stuff I want to buy (hoping free shipping will start up again). I pulled out my scrapbook layout book to get more ideas, but I'm still sitting here on the couch floatin' around on pg.org. LMAO

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It happens to us all! I have been in a slump for the last month or so, only getting a couple pages done. Kayson's book will have a large gap between 18-19 months. :confused: Sorry! I hope your mojo comes back! Have you tried browsing online galleries, or magazines?

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I totally understand. My mojo is taking a vacation somewhere cause I can't find it anywhere. I'm hoping once my cricut comes I will be re-inspired. Because right now, I feel like doing squat. I hate the last few pages I've done. Don't be suprised if you see the same pictures on totally different paper because I'm just not happy with those lo's AT ALL.

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I hear ya...I only just got my scrapping mojo back yesterday after a few weeks where I kept looking through my stuff every day but never doing anything with it. I too look on scrapping sites to get inspiration...though my issue right now is I need some new photos and subjects to scrap! lol

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Sadie - I'm there with you often these days. It's a struggle to get one single decent page done. So I really don't have any advice for you. I think the only thing that REALLY snaps me out of a slump is going to a 5+hour crop with at least 4 other people. Otherwise, I just have to sort of force myself out. Scraplifting a page that you really admire is helpful to get you back in the zone though. In fact, I should try that ...

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Scraplifting is probably a good idea, at least I wouldn't have to come up with a LO.

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I know how you feel, I haven't scrapped in a while, I finally sat down last night and wrote some titles and journaling out for the 60 something pages that I need to finish. I'm waiting for Kaylee to settle down a bit so maybe I can scrap some. I hope you find your mojo!!! I agree with others, scraplift!!

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I'm sorry. I know how that feels. Just try it again another day. Challenges usually help me. I hope your mojo returns!

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Heck Sadie, I took 3 years off from scrapbooking!
I know you have been stressed lately so after your vacation you will have lots to scrap.


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I noticed you've got a vacation ticker! Set everything aside until after then. I bet you'll get some awesome pics/souvenirs to scrap when you get back. It'll give you something new and exciting to scrap about. Plus a little r&r makes everything better! Enjoy the trip!

And I hope your mojo comes back quickly!

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I'm in the same boat right now and I need to get something started because I don't have too much longer until Ryne's bday. I always go online and look at the scrapping galleries to see what other people have done, that always gets my mojo back, and then once it is, I can knock out 4-5 pages in one day. I hope you get your mojo back soon, I'm excited to see some new pages from you!