just a quick check in----OT

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just a quick check in----OT

I know I haven't been around a lot this week but I have popped in to see what you are all doing and all the pages look fabulous.

We have had kind of a rough week around here. Brooklynn's babysitter's daughter was in a horrible car accident last Saturday. She is 17, suffered a tramatic brain injury, and is still in a coma. Most of the time if I am on here it is to check her care page for updates on her condition.

I know that none of you know her but she really is the sweetest teenager I have ever met and she really could use any prayers you would send her way. Her name is Molly.


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oh, Shelly, I will certainly keep Molly in my prayers. that's so tragic! I hope she comes out of it all okay.

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Sad Thoughts and prayers going up. Please KUP.

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That's terrible. Sad The family will definitely be in my prayers. Sad

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oh no! thats terrible I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers

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Oh, that is awful. Definately sending prayers.