Just sort of a cool thing to happen... (OT)

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Just sort of a cool thing to happen... (OT)

Friday was the day of the public funeral for the four police officers gunned down in Oakland and I was pretty depressed that day. There had been a couple people watching it in our office and one of the ladies who works there has a son who works for the OPD. Thank God, he was safe, though he was at the shootout. All the way home, I saw butterflies everywhere. There were Monarchs EVERYWHERE that day. You couldn't step outside without seeing two or three of them, no matter where you were. While we were stopped at a stoplight, I must have seen twenty of them fluttering around. It was just so cool. It was like God just was sending his peace down from heaven. I didn't see any doves (even though they released 400 of them as the service ended), but those weren't sent from heaven. I have to beleive the butterflies were.

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Wow... what a touching thing to see on such a sad day!! They were sent from heaven for sure!

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wow that is amazing! Smile I definitly believe those were sent from heaven.

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How beautiful.

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I believe in things like that! God gave those as a symbol to you and to the others. How neat! TFS that with us Erin. I bet that was so neat and comforting to see.

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That's amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Again, I am sorry for your loss.