Kaitlyn's bday pics (OT/XP)

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Kaitlyn's bday pics (OT/XP)

Ok, I picked my favorite of the 835 pics my mil took (I'm not kidding, that's the actual number) of Kaitlyn's birthday and party. TG it's digital and we don't have to get them all printed! LOL

What is this???? (cupcake on her actual birthday)

Never mind, figured it out.

I have WHAT in my hair?

Backing herself into a corner before her party.

Crazy hair - party

Pretty dress @ party

Cake time (again!)

Big cake to share

Kaitlyn's cake

I've got the hang of this...

'Pro' Photos that my mil took to come once I crop them ...

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Those are great and she is just so beautiful!! TFS

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Such a beautiful dress! And that baby pooh and tigger on the cake is adorable! I love that last pic of her with the cupcake, you could tell she really enjoyed herself!

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Adorable! Great party mama!

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Those are GREAT! She looks a lot like my little girl, well, their hair is similar. Smile She is so cute and I can't wait to see how you scrap that backing into a corner pic, it's my fave pic so far.

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Looks like it was a fun party!!!! TFS!

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great pics... theyre too cute!!!!!

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Those are wonderful. Looks like she had a fabulous birthday.

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How fun! I love the 4th and 5th ones best Biggrin

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those are too cute! love the second cake with the icing all over her. Wink

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She is so photogenic