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Karen (captainswife)

Baby Brandon finally made his appearance this morning after quite a long labor!!!!! Karen was induced on Friday, but he decided to hold out until today. Poor friend had a rough labor, but thankfully she and baby are well. He is 7lbs. 2oz. and has brown curly hair. Can't wait to see pics of him! I know he's just the CUTEST!! Smile Sooo happy for them!!

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Karen, so excited for you! Congratulations!!!!

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congrats karen Yahoo I saw a post about you on the Feb board when I was lurking there (since i am one of like 5 remaining preggos on teh Jan board :lol:) I was thinking about you...glad your little one finally made an appearance. Sorry it was such a long ordeal for ya!

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Congrats Karen!

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YAY!!! I've been wondering! Congratulations Karen and Wayne! I'm sure you're in love!!!! Can't wait to hear all about Brandon!

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Congrats Karen! I can't wait to see Baby Brandon!!

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Yay!!! Welcome baby Brandon. Congrats Karen. Also anxiously awaiting pics. Smile

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Congrats Karen!!! That's awesome news, sorry about the long labour though Sad

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AMAZING news! CONGRATS Karen! I am beyond thrilled for you!

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whoo hoo! so glad he's here and healthy! I kept checking for updates on her Facebook, but then we were on the road. so now I'm gonna go peek to see if there's photos.

thanks for letting us know, Charys!

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Woohoo Karen! WWTW baby Brandon! Can't wait to see pics...brown curly hair love it!

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Congrats!! Boy time sure flies. Last time I was on here I didn't know she was even pregnant Smile can't wait to see pics!

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Congratulations Karen! I can't wait to see pics of baby Brandon!