Kayley's First Year - Part One (XP)

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Kayley's First Year - Part One (XP)

My little girl will be turning a year old in 15 days, so I made 2 digi-scrapbooks to have printed to share with all our family and friends at her party. I wanted to share pictures with you all.

Front Cover

Page 1


Page 4/5

Page 6/7

Page 8/9

Page 10/11

Page 12/13

Page 14/15

Page 16/17

Page 18/19

Page 20/21

Page 22/23

Page 24/25

Page 26/27

Page 28/29

Page 30

Back Cover

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you did a great job! I think I like 14/15 best Biggrin

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That's great I can't pick my favourite because they are all great

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Great Lay Outs!
I just can't pick a favorite because they are all that good.


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Cute! What a great idea to have at her party. I like 28/29!

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Wow, that is super sweet! Great job Mom! She will be proud!

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That's really sweet! I especially like the 'First friend' page because it's so sweet to see LOs grow together Biggrin

I actually got into scrapbooking because SIL had this idea that we could do a book of P's first year in about 4 days before his party last year. It didn't happen LOL And a year later I still don't have one done for me (but each grandparent has one as well as SIL) :rolleyes: Can't complain much because it got me started in this direction and I got a new hobby out of the deal.

Kudos to you for having that ready for the party! I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. GREAT job Biggrin

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You are going to get so many compliments at her party! Wow you!!! The Hospital Visitors page was a great idea...didnt' even think of that with K's book. TFS

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Aww.. thanks for all the kind words ladies. It was truely a TON of work, but I can hardly wait to get them! These are the first digi-books I have had printed! Can't wait to actually get them in my hands!

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I love it! Those pages are awesome!

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I love all of these too! I really, really like the first one....it's so precious! TFS! I am sure everyone will love them! Biggrin