Kayson says GO USA (Totally OT!)

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Kayson says GO USA (Totally OT!)

This is totally OT, but I had to share anyways. Everytime one of the Olympic athletes wins a match and raises their hands into the #1 sign, Kayson runs around the house doing the same. I can't get a good pic because he's running so fast, but this is the best I caught:

Go USA! Biggrin

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lol that is so cute. hopefully u can get a few better pictures.... if not no problem i'm sure u will turn it into a great scrapbooking page anyway.

ur pages always amaze me.

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LOL That is cute!

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hehe. too cute. Will he do it if you just say "go USA!!!" to him and have the camera ready? You could make a darn cute page with it

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Lol Adorable!