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Hey, how did the sale go? What's the latest with everything?

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I was wondering the same thing. I hope everything is going well.

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Awww Thanks for asking

Sale was HUGE! We were very successful! Thank you for your support and donations. They were very appreciated! Gwen, I'll let you know who won your GC so that you know who will be contacting you.

Before the sale we needed to come up with about 3750 and we made about $1900. I still have some larger items to list on craigslist that didn't sell so we may end up with more. It was a lot of work but well worth it. We have some left over stuff and we are going to pay it forward and donate it to my work who is having a garage sale behind the restaurant to raise money for St. Judes childrens hospital.

Once I get the pictures uploaded I'll be doing a blog post and I'll put the link over here.

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wow...sounds like a great sale! I was wondering the same thing last night...was thinking about you yesterday!

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Sounds like it went so well!!

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Awesome news!!!!!

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Glad to hear it went well!