Keeping titles, etc straight

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Keeping titles, etc straight

I am on the Cricut messageboard and I learned a really cool trick for getting your titles and other things straight. Use a laser level! It works soooo great, I just did it on a title the other night and I am so happy I heard about this because then you know it's straight but you don't have to worry about a ruler moving or drawing a line, etc. I just thought it would be something that may help you all. Smile

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Oh, GREAT idea! I'm going to look into one of those today while I am at Wal-Mart! TFS! Biggrin

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ooh! Thanks! :DSeeing as two things I did that night came out crooked I shall give that a try! lol

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What a cool idea! And I'm sure DH has one too..... TFS :::::off to raid his tools::::

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Dh actually had one that he didn't like so he let me have his. Wal Mart does have one for only $14.99 though, not a bad price for something that would get a lot of use.

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Wow, that is a really great idea!! once i start paper scrapping again, i'll have to stop by walmart. Smile

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Oh great trick.

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Great thanks for making me spend more money! LOL
Seriously that is a great tip and will be worth the money.


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I'm really glad that I could help! That Cricut board is really good for useful information but they have also caused me to spend so much more money than I ever would have. lol