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Woot!!!! Congrats girl, on to Round 5 of the contest!

Although I have absolutely NO idea how any of you are going to accomplish this week's goal- a page using NO papers (including NO background paper).


Let's cheer her on girls!

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Wow! Go Kelly! Can't wait to see what you do.

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Good luck! What a tough challenge!

You can do it Kelly!! WTG so far!:headbang:

:kaos3: :kaos3: :kaos3:

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Yahoo That's so great that you are on round 5!!! Awesome!!! No papers??? EEK!!! GL girl!!!

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:eek: How in the heck is that possible? You ladies will have to post the link b/c I think she uses photobucket, and I can't see those.

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Thanks so much ladies!! But let me tell you, I am totally freaking out here. I have NO idea how you make a scrapbook page without using papers. I was thinking at first that you have to fill your background with something else other than paper. And I was also thinking that having the background be standard white from the computer would be using a 'white background paper' and wouldn't be allowed. But one of the contestants has already posted and she is using a white background. Here is the link:

So I am guessing that white is allowed. Anyway, I am lost here. Have a couple of ideas but nothing that is coming out great. I will post what I end up with though. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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Good luck! I was thinking white would be ok. I mean, something HAS to be ok, it surely can't be clear! Biggrin