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Kelly (Kelleanne)

Are you stalking me??? Wink

(Just kidding)

For lurkers - Kelly and I both just got on another CT together lol That makes 2 Smile

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Yay for you both!!!!

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Congrats girls!!

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No surprise as both of you are uber talented! Congrats!!

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Congrats girls!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is great! I love looking at what the CTs do with the kits, but mine never come out anything close. Haha.

Love all of what both of you do....congrats! Yahoo

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Hahaha I knew you were going to say that! I had no idea you were on her CT but I was so excited to see you there! I saw her call a few days back and I had been debating whether to apply, but I decided yesterday morning to go ahead and apply and within a couple hours she had written me back and accepted. I am really excited too. She has some fantastic stuff.

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I think everyone is 'new' - I was a guest for her before she got rid of her CT when she started MScraps ... but that was in Dec. I, too, got a reply within a couple hours Smile I love her stuff too, and while I said no more CT's for awhile, I figured I'd buy all her releases anyways, so why not try for her team and get them for free (plus an excuse to use them right away lol)

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Congrats ladies!