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Kelly - mtsugrad

Have you met the birth family yet? Just curious on how everything is going for getting ready for Ryleigh's arrival. Smile

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I was just posting as we speak! I've tried to post some on my blog as we go.

No, we meet them next weekend. Everything is going great. We speak every few days, baby is doing well. I really cherish every time I get to speak with birthmom. She is a really sweet lady. Hopefully we will get a date for the induction soon from her doctor. It looks like she will be here a week early. So, instead of the 30th we may get to see her sweet face the week before. That would be great. Of course I panic at least once a day with thoughts of what if she changes her mind. I don't think she will, she is just so solid. I wish that didn't loom around in the back of my mind. It's not situational, I would feel the same way with a totally different birthmom. That is just something you have to go through with adoption. The more we talk the better I feel. I think she hears my heart when we speak and I most definitely hear hers as well. I pray that God's will be done. We have prayed that all along. I do have a peace about this situation. It is so much more solid than the others we have been presented with. So, for a few more weeks, I will do my best to give it to God and let him take care of the details.

DH is off for the next week. We have been shopping to buy the last of the most haves, finished the nursery, filing paperwork to take a leave from work, meet with pediatricians, etc.

I'm reading all that I can about newborns. Posting on the adoption board that I frequent to get insight about adoption related things, trying to sleep and relax, and praying hard that this is all going to happen. I'm just ready for it to be our turn!!!!

Today, I'm going to baby shower and I haven't even shed a tear about it. That may sound trivial, but I assure you ladies its not. Our path to becoming parents has been long and more than not painful. I pray often that God never let me have a jealous or envious heart. Baby showers have been a place of pain for me for many years so its nice to just enjoy one again.

Thanks for asking about us Trina- you are so sweet!

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Kelly I am so glad things are progressing so well for you. That is so neat that you talk to the BM every few days. You are giving me some inspiration to pursue this type of adoption again. The part of the BM changing her mind is what terrifies me too. It sounds like you have a very solid situation and can't wait to see pics of your beautiful Ryleigh.

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Kelly this just makes me so happy to read. We will continue to pray for you and know that it will be your turn soon Biggrin Ryleigh (LOVE the name by the way) is going to be so loved having you guys as her Mommy and Daddy. :bigarmhug:
Can't wait to hear how it goes with the birthmom. Biggrin

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Kelly you are constantly in my prayers. My cousin (now age 34) was adopted and she has no desire to ever find her birth mother. As far as she's concerned her parents who love her and raised her, are her parents.

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Kelly, I'm so glad that you are bonding with the birth mom. That's so important. I pray that she also hears your heart. I hear your heart with your posts, and I pray too that she won't change her mind. One of my best friends gave up a baby at 19 (the boy is now 16!) and she has never once regretted it. I really think women who give up a baby are incredible. I wish more would do it (the same friend mentioned has a brother whose girlfriend's daughter has had 10 kids, with different fathers, and has gotten so many taken away from her - she's an abusive woman with substance abuse problems, it makes me so sad). Anyhow, you're on my mind a LOT, and I will remember you in my prayers again tonight.

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I hear your heart too Kelly!! I will continue praying for you. You are going to be the best parents ever!! Smile

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My family and my church have been praying for you!

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"auret" wrote:

My family and my church have been praying for you!

Thank you Beth- you will never know how grateful I am for all the friends and family who have prayed for us. We are waiting to make any announcements to our church family until after our meeting. We just hate to think that we could possibly have to back track with a failed placement/match. It gets so hard when you open doors at time to close them unexpectedly. I'll be so excited to tell them and know that they will pray and support us. Hopefully that day is coming soon.

I really appreciate you girls more than you know. It's funny but I share more with you than I do even some family members. I appreciate you all sharing in my excitement. I promise to start frequenting the birth board more once she gets here but for now I feel awkward and out of place there. I know that will change as they shift from expecting moms to moms of newborns and I will have more in common with them to share. But right now I can still see my feet, don't have stretch marks (well maybe I do have a few but not from pg.) and I'm not in the market for nursing pads ROFL so I'm limited on what I can post on!

So, God willing this time next week I'll be able to share more with you and have the confidence and peace after meeting with the birthfamily. Keep the prayers coming ladies!

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Awww, you sound so good. I'm so excited to hear that you are generally in a good place right now. I'm sure you are counting every day. God is finally blessing you and I pray that this really is it.

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Kelly, you are in my prayers too friend! Your blog posts always make me cry...they are just so sweet and written from the heart. You and your DH truly are an amazing couple and will make the best parents to your little daughter. I'm so happy for you!