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Keep us updated on the flooding your area. I've been a nervous wreck watching the weather. I've got friends in Lavergne, Manchester, and Antioch that are all stranded out of their homes.

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HI Kelly! Hope all is ok! Check in when you can!

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Hi Nancy. M'Boro is ok for the most part right now. Not sure how much more rain is pouring in over the next 24 hours though. Antioch is INSANE! Houses and cars are floating on the interstate near Mill Creek. My parents are in Antioch but they are good. Hope your friends and families are ok. I have a teacher friend whose elderly mother got stranded on I-24 and had to be rescued. One of the buildings at Lighthouse Christian school washed out onto I-24.

They said on the news tonight that the creeks and rivers will continue to rise for several days still. I'll keep you posted if anything else happens.

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glad you're safe!

Praying for those affected by the flooding and bad storms!