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Kelly? sewgirly

I know you're on my facebook, and I've seen pictures of Miss H, but I believe we are overdue for a proper update on how everything is going! Biggrin

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Agreed!!!!!! Smile Spill it momma!

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yeah, I am curious (and I don't have her on I am totally out of the loop!!!)

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haha... sorry girls! Hadleigh just got over a cold and gave it to all of us. I've been a little over the top busy with all that and my mom. First, my mom is cancer free, Praise the Lord! She lost her eye in August b/c of a tumor but it had not spread anywhere else. She went this past week and had her new eye made and she is officially released from the eye specialist. Its been pretty stressful b/c my mom watches Hadleigh on top of just worrying about her.

Other great news, Hadleigh is 100% FOREVER home! All rights have been terminated and she's ours and nothing can ever change that!! God is so good and although our road has been full of adversity, He's still working and moving in our lives. Our lawyer has filed the adoption petition in court that will finalize our adoption and legally change her name and allow us to apply for SS#, etc.

Our road to growing our family is finally complete and we could not be more happier about this sweet girl!

Sorry I didn't post on here sooner. I usually stalk the Dec. board and see what other little ones her size are doing. Here's some pics of Hadleigh.

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She is too stinkin' cute!!!!!! I hadn't seen these latest pictures so I'm so glad you shared them here.

And I'm so glad that your mom is cancer free. That's a miracle itself, despite the loss of an eye. My MIL is battling cancer again (about 6 weeks ago I posted on FB that she was cancer free, but on Monday she discovered a tumor on her chest, and she's back on aggressive chemo), so praying for another miracle here.

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Oh no Gwen, I remember you posting that and thinking what great news.

I'll be praying for her!

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What a relief that nothing can ever change her being yours!! She is adorable. It looks like you are having fun dressing her up!

So glad your mom is cancer free - how scary! Sad Hadleigh is so lucky to be able to stay with grandma every day!

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Yay Kelly how wonderful that H is there to stay, she is an adorable little lady! That is great news about your mom too, how scary. Glad to hear that things are going so well overall for you, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

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Kelly, so happy for you!!!!

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I haven't visited this board in a while, but was thinking of you the other day Kelly (and Trina) -

Hadleigh is precious. Happy beyond words for you.

Happy that your mom is cancer free, and Gwen, so sorry to hear about your MILs cancer. Sad

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I haven't visited here in SO long, but man oh man am I THRILLED to see this post from you. Such amazing news for you MIL & your family! CONGRATS on having a precious little girl in your life. She lights up mine, so I am sure she does yours too!