Kids Egyptian crafts

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Kids Egyptian crafts

here are the Egyptian crafts we made with the kids...not scrap-related but I always like looking at other craft stuff too Smile

It was so funny wrapping them like mummies in toilet paper..Wayne and I didn't think they would all even let us do it but they did. lol

We got the Sphinxes from a woman on freecycle...PERFECT timing! We made the pyramids, nile river, and little animal pics with them. I had to laugh when one of the Mom's who had annoyed us earlier that day goes "what's the green stuff all over your river??" And her daughter who's 3 goes "Mom!...that's the farm...the farm can only grow near the Nile where it's WET! The rest is desert!!" haha.

These were our falcon necklaces which they loved since it looks similar to one King Tut has on in a book we read...They were so into the fact that he was 9 when he became a King...Trinity (who is our little diva and ALL about princesses and princes) says all smitten in the tiniest voice "I'm gonna marry him..." haha

This was yesterday's craft (and the last of the Egyptian theme)...they open up the pyramid to the inside with the mummy they wrapped, poem (from google) and their own little hieroglyphics Smile

Thanks for looking!

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Great Projects!

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I love them! That 3-year old is smarter than me. Wink I just loooove how much you teach these kids! when they go to school they are going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the other kids. The pyramids opening up like that are fantastic. You are probably the most creative person I've ever known.

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Those are great Karen! I wish my students got to be with you before I got them. sure would make my job easier!!!

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lol at Charys! Everyone knows more as soon as they learn it! I didn't remember half of what I was teaching them despite learning it all in school. lol. You are plenty smart Biggrin
And you can always do what I do when they ask me something I don't know...I say "let's make this a computer lesson and GOOGLE it!" lol...

Thanks guys Biggrin

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Posts: 2031 and Wayne do such great stuff with the kiddos. Educational and super fun and crafty! Those remind me of the relief map of egypt that I did in 5th grade...i also mumified a barbie (knock off barbie that is) with paper mache, did my name in hieroglyphics, and painted a scarab rock. That was all for our egypt unit in 5th grade history (which was world history that year). Your kids will have a leg up on the competition when they get to school Smile

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Way too cute and creative! The first LO made me think of the song, "Walk Like an Egyptian" TFS!

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Those are so fun, and educational Karen. THose kids sure are lucky to be in you and Wayne's care. How does Wayne feel about doing crafts? He must not mind eh? You guys are so great! What a blessing to those kids' lives you both are!

Oh and that is my answer to Austin too if I don't know something..."google it". I dont' know how I'd homeschool him without google. Smile

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Those are so great! I bet the kids really loved that. You are such a fun daycare provider!

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Those are great projects and so fun!

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you run the best daycare ever! it looks like they had a ton of fun!

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"sewgirly" wrote:

Those are great Karen! I wish my students got to be with you before I got them. sure would make my job easier!!!

Your kids are probably smarter than me, too Karen! LOL! You and Wayne rock! I love the idea of wrapping them all up as mummies!

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I am telling you that I am thinking of maoving and getting a job just to put my kids in your daycare. What great projects!

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[QUOTE=K9Trainer]How does Wayne feel about doing crafts? He must not mind eh?[QUOTE]

Actually Wayne really hates crafts. lol....well, he always groans if I ask him to help.... but once he sees the finished product he loves them and gets really proud of the kids' work, which is nice...
but usually I don't like 7 kids of all ages using scissors, glue, paint, etc at the same time (especially since our kitchen has a cloth covered booth lol) Wayne's usually keeping half of them playing in the livingroom or reading books with him until it's their turn to do their craft. It works out nicely. Smile

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I can only imagine how great these are. I too think you and Wayne are doing an AMAZING job with the daycare kids. It was hard for me to be motivated doing it at home by myself. It would have been much easier doing it with someone else. I was too depressed being alone.

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so clever! love the 3 year old and the farms. Smile really, you do an amazing job with the kids and they learn so much. you're the coolest!

(and hooray for a great freecycle find!)