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Kiss me

Here is another LO i threw together today. It seems dark to me. what do you think? c&c welcome

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It's not too dark to me at all. It's so sweet!! Your journaling is amazing. I can feel your love and emotion.

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I think it is great. I don't think the dark is bad. It gives it contrast.

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oh, I LOVE the colors, not dark to me at all!!! beautiful page, love your work as usual Liz. Wink

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I don't think it is dark at all - I love the spray of hearts and the journaling is so sweet!

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The darker contrasts the white dress it's romantic! Biggrin

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Gorgeous LO...esp. the journaling. I think the colors look very nice...not too dark at all

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How SWEET! I think it's perfect and your journaling adds to it all! Biggrin

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I love the pink and brown!! Super sweet page!

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Doesn't seem too dark to me either. I love pink and brown together! And the journaling was so sweet. You two are so cute. You looked beautiful! Smile

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This is beautiful! I do not think it looks too dark. I love the hearts, lips, and the journaling. You are just rockin' your LOs - awesome work.

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Wow, great page Liz!!!!

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"captainswife" wrote:

The darker contrasts the white dress it's romantic! Biggrin

I agree!

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I think its so pretty and its so very sweet! I wish we all felt that way about our DH's!