kraft paper success!

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kraft paper success!

My local JoAnn's has Kraft paper in the store finally Yahoo It isn't super cheap, by any means (5 bucks for 25 pack of 12x12 and 4 bucks for 50 pack of 8.5x11) I caved and got one of each.

Before going to JA's I went to a local craft place (Pat Catan's) and grabbed 2 loose sheets of what I thought was was pretty thick cardstock it was in a random slot without a label on it, so I grabbed them. When i went to pay, the girl was like "oh these are just the under sheets...the sheets the paper company packs at the bottom of each stack. so they're free" WHAAAAAT??? Freeeee??? sweet! I have never seen this at JA's, but at this store, I guess at the bottom of each stack of loose PP was a thick piece of cardboard/Kraft. So, I got 2 sheets from there for free. I didn't want to sound like a freak and go run back to grab more...but next time I am there, I will get a few more.

I know, I know...why, then, did I buy a pack of Kraft from JA's??? Well, I need some on hand...but in the future I will get a couple "under sheets" at a time from Pat Catan's

Oh and on a not so bright note, no one caries the Aileen's "tack it over and over" (to use to make the glue dots). You can get it online from JA's, but not in any stores. I didn't check Michael's yet, since that is farther away...but the two places right by me didn't have it Sad Guess I will get it online

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I haven't been able to find Kraft paper anywhere local at all and we don't have a JA's here. Good job finding it there though!

You should be able to get the tack it over and over at Michaels. It is the only place I can find it here.

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Good job on the scores! LOL, who'd have thought you could use the thick cardstock from the bottoms of the stacks? Cool!

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Woohoo!! Welcome to the dark side!! Wink

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I finally found some Kraft paper at Hobby Lobby and bought a pack of 12x12 and a pack of 8x5 and HARDLY use it now. It seems soooo thick to me. Smile But great job and have fun with it!!!

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YAY for free stuff, and YAY for finding some kraft paper! I haven't looked, but I need to b/c I always love Ash's stuff!

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Good job! I get quite a few of those "under sheets"...I really gotta start using them instead of recycling :s