krylon's spray adhesive.. cricut mats

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krylon's spray adhesive.. cricut mats

Have any of you tried this to resticky them? I didn't think it would work because it is not re-positional, but I saw a youtube video where a girl said she used it, so I tried it. It's just the regular kind, not the tacky kind and it worked great! It didn't make it too sticky ( like the zig pen did for me) and the mat works great. I used this kind

Karen, can you get anything like this to try, since the zig pen didn't work for you?

I just taped off the edges and sprayed it continuously from side to side all the way down.

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Cool! I may give that a try next! My Zig pen is almost out and I have to go out of town to find them. I can get the spray at my local Walmart and save a trip.

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I will look for that too. I liked using the pen, but found the stickiness was so good at first, almost too good, then wore off very quickly. Let me know how well this holds up.

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My sister uses this all the time and it works great!

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So how quickly are your Cricut mats losing their stickiness? I've only made MAYBE 15 cuts with mine and it seems like the stickiness is gone...

What type of tape did you use?

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I used masking tape. I read on another blog that it is easier to take a piece of cardboard and cut it so that it masks the mat. You can lay it on top and spray it every time instead of taping the edges each time. I am going to do this because it is tedious to me to tape up the mat.

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I've had a friend use that (she used painters tape on the edges first). I bought a can years ago and have never opened it. I need to give it a try.

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thanks! I bought new mats after that failed attempt last time lol...but I will try this next!

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So, I thought I would update about doing it this way. I sprayed them when I told you guys about it and my paper was sliding all over the place today again. BLAH. So.. It only lasted about 10 days. Mats are on sale for 30% off this week at Hobby Lobby so I just bought some new ones to use instead of spraying them. I kept them, so I might try again with more spray this time.