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I love the look of a label on a page. You know, the ones from a regular ol' label maker? Do any of you use one of these, if so, what about the Acid issue?

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I have used them in the past but my label maker broke and I never replaced it (they're what...$6? LOL). I, too, love the look. Most of the tape is not acid-free. I think the clear one is, the package should say though. If you really want to use it just don't let it touch your pictures and you should be fine.

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I have never done so, but love it when I see it done. Ash is right...just don't let it touch your photos and you'll be ok.

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If you're really worried about it, you could get a font that looks like it, print it on acid free paper ... and I know there's lots of digital kits around with Dymo-tape labels, you could print those on acid free paper as well, just a suggestion Smile