Last day of vacay, so I snuck in more cards. ;)

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Last day of vacay, so I snuck in more cards. ;)

I'm saving all my scrapbooking for this weekend during the crop (can't wait!!!), so I decided to work on more cards while Kayson napped and watched his cartoons this morning. These are some I finished lastnight and this morning:

"you add something special to the mix"

I went ahead and used that quote because this card will be going to my sister-in-law. I thought it'd be a fun inlaws card. Smile The mixer is the one my friend cut me from the new Kitchens cart, the letters are from Sans Serif at 1/2 inch. (great font for tiny lettering btw) I stickled the letters. The "lace" is just white paper cut with my Martha Stewart punch.

"hello friend" is from Wild Card, telephone is from the Kitchen cartridge

"abundance" is cut from Jasmine. The cornacopia (sp?) is from the Speaking of Fall cartridge. I used a pen to create the fake "stitching" around the image to immitate the paper.

"wish"...I'll use this one as a birthday card. I loooove how I did this chandelier....I took the "flower" cut on Home Accents and trimmed off the top and bottom and it resembled a chandelier to me! Smile YAY for finding a fun, new chandelier cut. I then cut three lowercase "i" from Sans Serif font for the "candles". The leftovers from the flower I cut off are the pieces I used for the envelope.

"Beary Christmas". Bear and present are from Joys of the Season, the title is Lyrical Letters.

I love this one!! The flamingo is from Life's a Beach. I've been wanting to cut my Christmas flamingo since I got the cartridge, so had fun with it! The "happy Christmas" is from the Christmas Solutions cartridge. I used some boa feathers for the

the angel is from Joys of the Season. I stickled the paper where it says Peace on Earth. You can't see it so well from the photo, but it looks better IRL.

And them I need a lot of QUICK thank you notes for people who gave things to Kayson on his birthday, so I threw together two sets:

train is from New Arrivals, "thank you" is from Alphalicious.

the lizard is from Life's a Beach. The "thanks" is DonJuan.

Thanks for looking! I am going to miss card making when I start back at work tomorrow. Atleast it'll give you girls a break! ROFL

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Those are great! I really, really, really love the flamingo one with the feathers, that's just awesome! Love the geckos too and the saying on the mixer card!

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No I petition for you to have another week off at least to keep you going through the VC Smile

Love them all. The flamingo card reminds me of my step-mom who puts flamingos in the yard at christmas with wreaths around their necks and spot lights on them.

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Is the truck from a cricut cut too? I need that one for DS:)

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I never ever would have paired some of the wild papers with the piecings that you did. They look so awesome that way. I wish I could get more adventuresome with wild backgrounds like you have here... I'd be able to use a LOT more of my papers then.

Great job. You really rocked making cards!

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amazing creations as always!!! I LOVE that flamingo card... totally made me chuckle!!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

I am going to miss card making when I start back at work tomorrow. Atleast it'll give you girls a break! ROFL

I don't recall any of us asking for a break :brucelee: lol. j/k.

Those cards are amazing. The one that stuck out to me the most was the first one Biggrin So awesome!

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Yeah, I'm with Karen, that mixing one is my fave. It is just so different and so neat. They are all so awesome though CHarys, I just LOVE looking at each and every one of them. You are crazy talented girly!!! Boohoo on you going back to work...hope it's an easy transition though.

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Those are great!!! Great work!!! I really like all of your work. Smile

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I am in LOVE with the flamingo card! I would seriously give those out at Christmas!

All of your cards are awesome! The details you add to them are always fabulous! The mixer one turned out really cute with that saying, too.

Sorry your vacation is over. Can't wait to see some LOs from you during the crop!

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LOVE the cards!!! the mixer one came out great!!!

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you just keep outdoing yourself! I really love this batch. (and sadly, I remembered that I didn't do thank you notes for Jack's first birthday ... back in July. I can't even remember what he got now. bad mommy! maybe I have too many kids ...)

and I LOVE how you did the chandelier - you smarty pants!

I don't want a break from your cards ... and what I'd love is an injection of your creativity.

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They are all soooo cute!