last OT post, promise! re: eli + potty training

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last OT post, promise! re: eli + potty training

I started potty training Eli yesterday afternoon. We had a Diaper going away party. He helped me bag all the diapers and told him that the babies need them and that they are going bye bye. (really they are in the garage, no way i'm throwing 100 diapers away. lol) So he started wearing his big boy underwear full time. We've been talking about this day for the last week. So last night was his first night in underwear...he went to bed at 8pm..aaaannnnnnddddd......came to get me at 5am to go pee-pee in the potty!!!!!! Biggrin

I was SO proud of him! and since this is the first full day of training I will take him to the potty every hour to get him used to going to it, even if he doesn't use it.

I am just SO proud of him that he stayed dry and came and got me when he needed to go!

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Yahoo Congrats again!!

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thats really amazing! congrats! people always told me that boys are harder to train and you just proved that to be wrong! lol

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WTG ELI! That's awesome! Biggrin

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WOO HOO! That's just great!

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He has gone all day without an accident...yes it's only 1:30pm here, but we've been up since 5am! He had a dry nap and used the potty an hour after he woke up. Smile

At this point, i think i'm the one that is trained. He now grabs himself when he has to pee so I say "You need to go potty. come on let's go put your pee pee in the potty" and he says OK. So at this point, i'm teaching him that the sensation he feels when he has to go, is that he needs to use the potty.

I'm still impressed that it has been this easy of a transition.

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WOW!!!! :eek: THAT'S AWESOME!!! WTG Eli!

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wow! it sounds like he's doing great!!

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only have a sec here but as someone who has potty trained so many kids I have to say how amazing he's done for waking up and going pee!!!!!:eek: Most kids will be daytime potty trained for ages before no diapers at night. wtg!

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Thats amazing, just be aware that he may regress as time goes on. Some days will be easier than others. Other days, you will just either go through eight pairs of pants or you will go back to diapers for the day.

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I'm expecting som regression, but I'm not going back to diapers. it's all underpants from here on out. Smile

I've noticed a difference when daddy is home. I don't think dh pays attention/does care about potty training. I think he thinks it's my job...oh well....Eli can pee in daddy's office as long as daddy will ignore it LOL