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Last post tonight

& I'll quit being such a board hog!! ROFL It's 20 degrees and cold and DH is not feeling well, so can you tell I've scrapped all weekend? Lol

Ok, so I've racked my brain for a storage solution for my mats, cutting pad, and several other bulky items (like my scor pal). They hang out on the edge of my craft table and drive me insane.

I don't know what made me think of this but look:

It's a wine holder for crying out loud! Lol I have this massive hutch and buffet in my dining room and it came with this in this little nook in the middle of it. Well I took it out (DH and I don't drink) and I use the nook to store dishes and pottery pieces for display. This thing has been in the closet for 2 years. I didn't want to ditch it b/c its solid wood. Who knew?

One last card. I made it for my principal to give to her tomorrow with the scrapbook.

No scrapping for me tomorrow. I go back to work. BOOOO! Actually its inservice and the kids don't come so it will probably be an ok day. Say a prayer for me please. I'm really wrestling with things lately. We hit out 3 year waiting mark and tomorrow is the day we were set to go to court for Isaiah. I do ok when I stay busy. Maybe its a good thing I'm heading back to work after all. I just want God to give me a peace in my heart and I've just not got that yet. Thanks!

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That card is amazing... right down to the envelope. I would totally end up keeping the envelope too.

What a great idea for the wine rack. Think outside the box. Smile

I haven't stopped praying for you, but I'll say some extra ones for tomorrow.

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The Card is absolutely amazing!

Very neato with the wine rack.

And I too will say extra prayers for you tomorrow.

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great use for that wine rack! glad you could put it to use rather than leaving it in a closet. we crafty ladies always seem to use anything under the sun for crafts and craft storage ROFL I saved a clementines box yesterday, thinking I can do SOMETHING with that Lol

I will keep you in my prayers :bigarmhug:

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it's 20 degrees here too ... I wish I could spend the time being crafty. Lol

love that you're using your wine rack. my wine rack holds a good part of my scrapping stuff!!!! I have a tall one, so my guillotine paper cutter is on top along with 4 paper bins. I made shelves for the bottle rack parts and that houses my stickers, 8x10s waiting to be scrapped, and other random stuff. anyhow, just a great way to use a piece of furniture that's not really being used. glad you rediscovered yours.

love the card!!!! awesome details.

I'm sad that you're going back to work tomorrow. I've enjoyed this recent burst of craftiness from you.

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I, too, have enjoyed seeing all of your posts! Your work is always so amazing, and your style is so fun.

In the first photo, at first I was like "What am I supposed to be looking at?" LOL! I thought maybe the clear totes...I did notice it was a wine rack (or thought that's what it was anyways!). What a great use for something you just had taking up space!

I hope you have a good day back to work tomorrow. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you and Greg often! I hope you're able to get peace one way or another very, very soon. :bighug:

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How cool is that wine rack??? You are so creative girl. That card is so neat too. I will be sad to see fewer works of yours as I too enjoy your creativity. I have been praying for you guys too. :bigarmhug:

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i dont think anyone on this board has a problem with you being a board hog!! your creativity is amazing!!! that card is ADORABLE!! i would frame it if you gave it to me! Lol

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on creative boards, board hogs are the best! More inspiration for everyone! LOL.

I'll miss all your posting now you're back at work. I will be keeping you in my prayers hun. I hope today was easier than you thought it would be and you're ok. xoxo

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You can be a board hog all you want girl! I get excited seeing your posts. So much inspo!

Cool idea to use the wine rack! Who'd have thought? It's perfect too!

I've been thinking and praying for you. I hope tomorrow goes well. {hugs}