Latest 3 Tyler pages......

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Latest 3 Tyler pages......

.......I'm so glad Photobucket fixed themselves!!!

Here, There, I'm Everywhere!
Very simple page....wasn't much I could do b/c of the amount and size of pics....

On The Menu Today
This page is considered done....I'm just hunting out some food stickers to fill in the you'll have to use your imagination! LOL

P is for Pancake!

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these are absolutely great

i love them
especially the i'm here there everywhere one.... love how you used the different colored letters but same font

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OMG! They're so adorable! It's so hard to pick a favorite, but the "pancake" page just gets me. And the "on the menu" ... the photos are BEYOND HILARIOUS!!!


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Your son just kills me! He's too cute! Everyone of these had me laughing! I love the pic of him chewing on the shoe. LOL! Great LO's!!!

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I love your LO's, they are always so fun and colorful! and Tyler of course is such a cutie! Smile

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The pancake one really grabbed my attention too!
Great job!

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I am LOVING the pancake one! You are so creative! I love how you take everyday happenings and turn them into precious LOs! TFS!:D

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I adore the pancake page. I think you might be right. Tyler can't get any cuter.

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Those are absolutely adorable!!! Loving them!

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awwww!!! Those are great! I really like the pancake one! (i don't know how you are able to capture some great memories in a 8 x 11 album - but they look awesome!!!)

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Those are really cute. I always love your bright color choices.