Latest LO's....

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Latest LO's....

My new favorite....patterned, solid paper and elephant stamp from Stampin' Up...

Thanks for looking!!

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cute! i love the Look At Me one Biggrin

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I love his face where the water is spraying him:)
Those are some cute papers!

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Great job matching everything on the first one, love the elephants!! And I really love the Look at Me one, makes me wish I was a paper scrapper!

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All of them are sooo cute!

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Your LOs are darling Aja! I too love that elephant stamp and the paper. His face in the water shots are adorable. Great job, and TFS

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LOVE #1! I can't believe how big he has gotten! He looks so grown up! TFS!

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great LO's!! love the look at me LO the best!! the title is too cute!

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Such vibrant colors in all of the LOs! I love it! The elephant one is really cute. I love the ribbons. Good job!

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I can see why you like the elephant set - cute.

I like how you did the multiple pictures on that last one Smile