Laugh every day!

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Laugh every day!

Sorry for all the individual posts today. Smile

"You love to smile ALL day long. It is very rare for me to get smiling pictures of you because you are either going after the camera or running away"

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Liz, this is a great page. I love the color scheme and the way that you journaled - the page is very classy. And, can I just say how grown up Eli looks? Oh my goodness, he is just changing so much - he's so cute.

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He does look so grown up. It's the hair cut! He is so darn cute! I really, really like the colors of this page! Biggrin

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Those are such cute pics! I love the colors of the page too - and the word art!

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Love the colors, love the stitching, and of course I love his big smile. Great page!!

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Thanks ladies. I know!!! He is getting so old. Sad He's growing up too fast. In 7days he will be 14 months! I can't believe it, it goes by so fast! I NEED ANOTHER INFANT! lol (Dear God...specifically a Girl.) LOL Biggrin

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I love this Lo....

his smile is so precious

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lovely! And so is your new siggy pic!

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Awww, that's perfect! I love the title and the pics are adorable! The stitching is nice too!

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that looks great liz. those are such cute pics of Eli.

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It turned out great. I love the colors and the stitching.

Your siggy pic is so cute, BTW

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what a beautiful layout! and I love the pictures of Eli on it, he's such a sweet little boy.

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I can't stop staring at that beautiful smile long enough to see the LO! That bottom picture in particular is so striking! You can just feel his joy jumping out at you!

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His smile is so incredible! Love you title!

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He looks so grown up in the upper left hand corner! Great LO!

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How true is that! What a great page Liz! Its good to see you over here Wink