A layout and a half (need help!)

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A layout and a half (need help!)

I got some time to scrapbook today and wanted to do two layouts with some pictures from last summer.

This first layout came out great, I'm super pleased with it. A friend took the pictures at a playgroup over the summer. She has a DSLR so she was able to catch Natalie going in for the sniff. Wink

Then I really wanted to do a Mommy & Jordan page since I've done a page of Mommy & Andrew, and I have a Mommy & Natalie page in the wings. But I'm stuck. Definitely using the pictures (same picture, different sizes). Not sure about the vellum quote though. I have more of the reddish paper I used for the matting, so I could cut a title with the cricut. But I don't know what to call it. "Mommy & me" is just so boring (and I think I used that title for the page for Andrew - this is going in the same book).

Please, any advice on what to do with this page is really appreciated!

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Wow, wow wow!!! I love that first LO!!! I think it's my all-time fave of yours'!! Great job! And on the second one, I'll try and think of a title. I'm so bad about coming up with journaling and titles....

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What if you just kept "Like Mother Like Daughter" as the title and added a quote or saying instead?

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Gwen asked me to come and take a look, so here I am Smile

Gwen, I wouldn't use that paper with that title, I just think the colors don't go so well together. If you are going to use a pinkish title, I think you should go with paper that has some pink in it, not a whole lot, but a little bit. Or you could use that paper and use your cricut and do a dark blue title (that would go well with Jordan's shirt). Actually, I think the idea of using your cricut is better, because I like titles to be on the bigger side, but that is just me Wink

You know I LOVE the first one! Natty is so precious. Love that girl!

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thanks Carole. Wink Definitely using the paper because it looks really good together in person. I went through a lot of papers before I decided on that one. The paper I matted with matches my shirt - I can't find any of my paper that matches Jordan's shirt (as that was my first choice). So I guess I can do the title with the same burgandy-like paper. But no idea what to use for a title ....

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Ummm...I suck at titles sorry. My page of Ruthie and I is titled "Mommy & me." I couldn't come up with anything either.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first page! That is just precious! TFS! Biggrin

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What if you change your picture sizes. If the large one was in color and a 5x7 or 8x10 right in the center of the page. Than you used the same picture in black and white 4x6 or smaller and put it in the right bottom corner of the first pic. sort of over lapping If you have a cricket you could print out the word US in a cursive font running up the left side. Sometimes when I stuck on journaling I will use something simple and then journal about it. ex If your journaling read while looking for a title I decided on us cause thats what this picture is just you and me when we have are alone time together. I'm really horrible at the journaling part so just an idea. Hope this helps

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Love the smell the flowers page!

Not sure what to suggest on the other page. Perhaps you can do something like the add'l element you show there. Perhaps get the paper that you are backing your picture with and use a full 12" x 12" sheet. Cut it in half on the diagonal and put it on the bottom half of the current page. Do "Like Mother" on one half and "Like Daughter" on the other, kind of playing off that element (although if you do that then don't use that element on the actual page). I'm not sure if I'm explaining that well.

You always come up with good stuff though - can't wait to see what you do!

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Love the first one! I don't have many ideas about the second one... I suck at titles and such. Maybe just keep the title and journal about what you were doing that day or something? Good luck!

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"kristenlew" wrote:

Love the first one! I don't have many ideas about the second one... I suck at titles and such. Maybe just keep the title and journal about what you were doing that day or something? Good luck!

ha ha ha I have NO IDEA what we were doing that day. Wink I'm sure I'll come up with something.

I did get a b&w print today just to see if I can work that in.

Andie, not sure if I have a 12x12 in that exact color.

Anyhow, you girls gave some stuff to play with. But I don't think I can touch it again for a while, busy week and I HAVE to get my layout done for the challenge that ends on Friday. ack! (just got those pictures tonight).