A layout (need advice), a card, and two projects
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Thread: A layout (need advice), a card, and two projects

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    Default A layout (need advice), a card, and two projects

    Yes, I managed to find a little bit of time to get some craftiness accomplished. I'm ignoring my children to post this though.

    First, here's my "scraplift yourself" layout. See the original in the challenge thread. I know the background paper is SUPER busy. I'm thinking I should have matted the title some how. It's stuck down, but if I had a good replacement, I could carefully take them off. A cool Batman style word background (like that's already on the paper) in yellow might be good.

    crazy kids

    crazy kids title

    And a card for my friend whose birthday we're celebrating tonight. It's simple but does the trick, I think.

    tianna 40

    A new compost container for the kitchen counter. Still need to spray it with the acrylic sealer, but it's too humid to do that today.

    garden food

    Here's what it's replacing (DH can't stand the rust inside the coffee can)

    garden food

    And then my "word art" canvas ... it's not going well. The vinyl isn't sticking to the canvas at all. I can't get it off the contact paper easily (I read to use contact paper as a transfer tape substitute). I have to re-cut the cursive words because of how they're coming off the contact paper. I think I'm okay with the block type words. I don't have enough vinyl left to re-cut it all. But I don't know how to get it to stick. I'm thinking I should turn the letters all upside down and spray with adhesive spray. That's a messy project though. I should have just bought the word art already cut and been done with it. But I wanted the challenge. Silly me thinking I had the spare time for it. This is going in my "photo studio" area, in front of my sewing machine to kind of hide it.

    picture words
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    Love the LO and card is cute. I will attempt to compost one day. As far as the word art, I would definitely use a spray or maybe modge podge. As far as transfer tape, could you use painter's tape? I would think contact paper would be ridiculously sticky unless you destickied it a bit first.
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    Love the LO! I agree that the title is hard to see, but I do see it and if I were you, I'd leave it. My LOs are never perfect though. All that flipping around in the living room though would drive me nuts.. Cute card, and even cuter compost container. I'd love to hear more from you about what you put in there and how you use it in your garden. If you ever got time anyway...I know you're busy. TFS and congrats on getting a few free minutes.
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    pickle in middle


    I've had the same problem with contact paper being too sticky. If you stick it to the wall a couple of times (with no lettering on it) before you use it on your project it works better. Gets rid of the initial stickiness.

    Love the LO and I was just taking pics of my kids doing back flips off the chair this morning

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    I agree with Carrie - I would leave the title - it blends in a bit, but you can still read it and easily spot where the title is. Love those shots you got of the kids!!!

    I'm absolutely useless for your question about the vinyl sign thingy (that's a technical term), but I like the look of it (and the idea behind it!)
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