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layouts and bookmarks

Nothing fancy with the bookmarks, but I like them. I didn't do cards for Mother's day this year because I don't like that my hard work gets stuck in a box, or worse yet, thrown away :eek:. I made my mom, grandma, dh's mom and grandma and myself ( and my sister-- because she begged :p) a bookmark instead. I know these will get used at least.

There are only pics of 4 of them, because mine and my sisters are in use already.

and I did this layout yesterday.. its from the day Jamie had his surgery in 2008.

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those bookmarks are a great idea! and that page..AMAZING! i love it! i love those big orange circles!

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terrific work!:D

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Those bookmarks are a cool idea and so cute. I love the LO too, so sweet. The way you arranged the pics is really neat.

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oh, what a great idea for the bookmarks! I think I will steal it. Smile but I'll still make cards too.

and that's a wonderful layout! I love how you used a circle photo in the center.

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The bookmarks are a great idea! That may just be the perfect idea for small mother's day gifts!
the layout is fabulous!! I have always loved your style! The one circular photo goes great with the orange circles and orange journaling stamp!!

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LOVE the bookmarks! What a great little, practical Mothers Day gift!

Love the LO too. You've got such great layers in it. Smile