Layouts and cards.. again Pic heavy

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Layouts and cards.. again Pic heavy

I am going to try not to put any up that I have already shared. These are the ones I have done in March.

This card is actually from February. It was my card for my dh

I made three of these in different colors for Jamie's two teachers and his speech therapist

This was my SIL's bridal shower card

Very simple one for my MIL. I send her one every month with a few pics of the kids in it.

For my mom for her birthday

Birthday card for my BIL

This was my MIL's valentine card. I got the idea from one I saw on pinterest

and these are the layouts I have done this month

Oh, and I also made my Cameo pretty

Thanks for looking Smile

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WoW! ou got really good! Love the cards and the lo's. LOVE the I can't like page! Those are the little things you will always want to remember:)

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You are a card making queen! Your mom's card is my fave! I also love the punched out hearts on the I can't like that page.

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Great work! Love the Trains and the I can't like that pages! It's nice to scrap the "everyday" things! What did you use for the outline on the bridal shower card?

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I need to stop looking at your threads. You make me feel guilty for not scrapbooking. ROFL

these are great! Love the "like" story, just too cute! And the "I kiss", adorable!

The cards are fantastic! Wish you'd come here and inspire me in person. Wink

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LOVE the colors and butterflies on the kiss page!!! all your cards with cut outs (words or the flower borders) are so cool!

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Thanks everyone!

Mel, I got the wedding dress from the Silhouette downloads store.

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I love the way you wrote stories to the kids about these pages. I'm going to have to steal that idea!!