A light week for me

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A light week for me

Well, I'm trying to start my own business and have been using my scrapbook time to work on the business website. (if you want to take a peek, http://www.freewebs.com/coolmamacards ). So my scrapbooking was light this week.

Here's the final duck page, with the photo corners. I want to add blue on the right by the faucet, but I don't know if I should put a strip like on the left or something different.

Then I did two more pages for Jordan's professional photos book. These are super simple, but still took me a while to do (because of deciding on which paper (they are facing pages) and how to put the dates on the pages).

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Your light-week is a lot more than my non-productive week! Wink I like you website! Well done! You did some great invites! I love the new pages in J's professional book!

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oh hey these look great!

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love your new los
and you website is great Smile

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Great website...I know you'll stay busy with them. Congrats on the new business venture. Smile And you did a lot for a "light week". Wink If only my light weeks were that productive. hehe I always like what you do with your kiddos professional pics. Kudos to you for taking them to get their pics taken so often.

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Wow! Those look great!

The bath one is SUPER cute!

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Gwen--you are the woman!!!
I don't know how you do it all. Amazing.:D
I'm exhausted with just 1 child..LOL.

Love you LO's and website!!

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"1970sally" wrote:

I don't know how you do it all. Amazing.:D

I don't sleep! ha ha ha ha

(seriously, I stay up way too late!)

thanks for everyone's kind words.

and I have my first official customer for my card business. sent her some drafts, waiting to hear back on which one she chooses, hoping she loves them all!

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i LOVE the eleven months LO!!! and ALL the pages are wonderful! I wish i had time to paper scrap! That's why i love digi scraping....NO MESS!

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Great pages as usual Gwen!
I have never thought to scrap professional portraits, but that is a great idea.
Congrats on your first customer! Smile