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hey just checking in on you..... is everything ok? did u get the train?

hope all is going well with you, the family and the pregnancy.

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Hey there Brittany! Yes, I'm fine - thanks for asking! I know I haven't been all that active on this board for the past few months....

Yes, I did get the package! It actually kickstarted me to do a page! (I just have to glue all the pieces together!) I hope to get it shipped out to you tomorrow.

As for the pregnancy... everything is going fine. I had an appointment last week... heart rate was 140.... when I was pregnant with Cadence it was always much higher.. so maybe it's a boy!? Wink My ultrasound is scheduled for August 12th - but the sex of the baby will be remaining a surprise until he/she decides to enter this world!

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You are crazy woman! Why are all you ladies keeping it a surprise! UGH! I need to know! Wink Glad to hear everything is going well.

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that's great!!! Glad the pregnancy is going very well. Maybe it is a boy.

I don't blame you for keeping it a secret. DH wants to know with the next one (we didn't know with ds) and I said no way I don't wanna know. So dh won't get to know either bc he can't keep it a secret he'll call the baby she or he and then i'll know when I don't want to. He said his reasons are that he doesn't want to call the baby a girl if its a boy or a boy if its a girl...and he wants to start calling the baby by his or her name. Well how is he supposed to do that and me not overhear it ya know?? Men are crazy sometimes.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go well.

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I'm so glad you are doing well. We can't wait to see some more pics from you!

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Yay, for keeping it a surprise! How exciting!