A little Christmas craftiness (added more pics)

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A little Christmas craftiness (added more pics)

Hi girls! I've been busy trying to keep up with the holidays, work, and my munchkin. So I haven't been around as much.

But I wanted to share a little project I'm finishing up. It's being gifted tonight at a party.

And here's an in-progress shot:

I found the directions in the Nov/Dec issue of Scrapn'art magazine. You can download it here: http://scrapnart.com/news.php?digifree (you may have to register to get access to all three issues they have)

But the basics are a styrofoam cone, scrapbook papers, a heart shaped punch, a hole punch, and lots of straight pins. I edged the hearts in black marker and curled them slightly around a pencil. Then you just pin the heart papers on the tree. DH cut a small rod to glue to the back of the star so I could poke it into the top of the cone.

It may get a base if DH can find something that will work. It would look really cute with a base and some presents under the tree.

Anyway, thanks for looking!

ETA: DH made a stand for it out of a wooden ornament. I think it looked really cute that way. Yay for a crafty hubby! Smile

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Very cool!!

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that's so neat!

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that is soooo neat!! I love the heart branches and your inking made them stand out good. tfs

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WOW! That's so NICE!!!! Such talent!

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That is amazing! I love it! What a neat idea! I might just have to lift it b/c I am making lots of homemade goodies this year!

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wow that is awesome.

Great job!!!

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that is awesome!

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I really like the wooden stand! The recipient of this is going to LOVE it!

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Whew that must have been alot of work! Very worth it, its beautiful!

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that is so creative! Great job you've done on it Biggrin

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That's really neat, I'm going to look at doing one of those!

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"spottedjagiwar" wrote:

Whew that must have been alot of work! Very worth it, its beautiful!

Actually, it wasn't a lot of work! That's the beauty of it. I probably spent under 2 hours on it. I did everything in bulk -- I punched out all the papers at once (about 3 sheets at a time, I used 9 total I think). I inked stacks of hearts at a time. And even curling/punching the holes I did several layers at a time.

And people really liked how it turned out. Smile

thanks for the compliments ladies!

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how neat is that!? i love the stand for it, too! go your dh!

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That is really cute. I may just have to use that. Great job.