A little Ebay blessing

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A little Ebay blessing

I ordered the Changito monkey stamp set SSC137 Changito the Monkey on Ebay for Kayson's 2nd birthday invites

But the lady sent me the set on the very bottom-SSC160 Changito Dos.
I loved both of them, but really wanted the one I had ordered, because of the birthday hat and banana bunch. Anyways, she sent me the correct set and told me to keep the wrong set. I told her it would be no problem sending back, but she said "no, keep it for the trouble and delay"! Wasn't that sweet!? Anyways, now I have two cool monkey stamp sets! Yahoo

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that's awesome, and wonderful of her to do!

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Now that's customer service! Those stamps are so cute!!!

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ooh yay!!! how fun. they're adorable btw:D

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How awesome is that!? What cute stamps, too!

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What a nice lady. Am I the only one here who doesn't really understand the stamps??? Can you explain what they are? I see the pic, but not sure how it works. TIA

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Carrie, clear stamps are great because you can line them up where you want them and be able to see exactly where they are going to go. (Versus wood block stamps, where you could be a little crooked or something.) You put your clear stamps on acrylic blocks you buy seperately...i.e. something like this:

The acrylic blocks are reusuable over and over. You remove the clear stamps and apply the new one on. SO really you would just need one acrylic block set and you could use it for all your clear stamps.

Does that help any? I'm not even making sense to myself today. :confused:

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What a nice lady and what a great deal!

Your stamp explanation makes perfect sense Smile

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How sweet of her to make that deal for you. The only issue I have with clear stamps is when I first go to peel them off, they tend to rip.

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How lucky for you! They are both adorable!

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That was really nice of her, those are very cute stamp sets.

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how awesome that she let you keep both! Yahoo can't wait to see the invites Smile

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Thanks Charys. So what you're saying is that it's like an ink stamp only it's on a clear holder instead of a wood one? You just apply your monkey thing to the acrylic and then press it into ink and then remove it to apply a different stamp?

Thanks for always answering my questions Charys. I am learning so much here.

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That is wonderful! I love ebay.

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That was very kind of her. How nice. And such cute stamps!

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That's awesome Charys! What a sweet, sweet lady! Biggrin

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How cool is that!!! That was very nice of her and very lucky for you!

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WOW! what a nice lady!
I LOVE my clear stamps!:yahoo: