Little Fairy LO

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Little Fairy LO

DH is bugging me to get upstairs to bed ... but I really wanted to finish this LO and get it posted! Wink

I didn't put journaling on there (maybe I will, maybe I won't?!) but this is one of the few pictures that shows off Caleigh's pointy ears she inherited from her daddy.

little fairy jpg

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I think it's beautiful! it doesn't even need journaling - i think it's perfect the way it is!

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I agree, it is beautiful. I'm not sure I would add journaling unless you have something really special to say.

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Wow, Beth, this is really beautiful!

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Love it!

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So pretty and I think it says it all without journaling!

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That is so nice!!! I agree with pp and don't think there is a need for journaling; the title says it all!

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Such a sweet and beautiful LO Beth. TFS

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this one is great! i wouldnt add any journaling at all!

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Wow, so beautiful!!! I love love this! Yes, don't add any's perfect as-is.

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yep, definitely beautiful!

and the comment about the pointy ears made me smile. but I wouldn't add it to the page. Wink

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What a sweet page, I love the fonts you used!

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Oh my, breathtakingly beautiful! LOVE it! The title, colors, and fairy are perfect!