A little here, a little there...

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A little here, a little there...

So, I have been trying to make time to scrap so that I don't go insane just doing housework and such. However, it is not working out that well. This page took nearly a week, as I had 5 minutes here and 2 minutes there. I am still saving up for my cricut so I am getting creative with making letters, lol. Also, my mom bought me a corner rounder since I have been wanting one, but apparently it makes these holes in the pics too. I didn't know this until I had used it so I had to do it to the other pic too! Not sure I like it...


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How cute! LOVE how you used ribbon for the word Baby and I love the embellishments you put on the pics. Cuteness!!

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Love the title Smile

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NICE! I like it Biggrin How on earth did you get that title so neat with ribbon!?!

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Love what you did with the ribbon! Great title! I like the corner punch your mom got and it goes well with the layout, but I wouldn't want to do the same punches for all my rounded pics.

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now thats getting creative with the title ;). i love that! thats a weird corner punch! ive never seen that! very cool!

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"captainswife" wrote:

NICE! I like it Biggrin How on earth did you get that title so neat with ribbon!?!

My thoughts exactly as I was looking at that! So cool, but share your secret. Wink

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I don't think it is much of a secret, lol, I used glue dots as I "wrote." I put a dot wherever the ribbon made a turn or wasn't staying where I wanted it to. It was actually a lot easier than it looks!

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what a creative way to use the ribbon!! It looks great!!!

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That looks so good. I don't think I have the patience to do that with the ribbon! It looks great though, I thought it was a store bought title! I hope you are able to get a cricut soon. I know you will love it when you do!

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wow, that ribbon word looks awesome!!!!! I'm with you on the corner rounder, that's just a different look. you can get one for about $5 that won't do that. I really like the colors you used, your layout is really cute!

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That title is ace! I thought it was a digi LO at first because of that! Biggrin