A Little Toilet Talk

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A Little Toilet Talk

I thought this was a bit too funny not to share. Name where this slogan came from!

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HA!!! Alka-Seltzer!! What a darling LO, and such great pics! TFS

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That is really cute. I have had a lot of slogans in my head since that challenge too!

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That's so cute! Love the alphas you used! Smile

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Very cute!

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that is too cute!!

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haha too funny. cute layout Smile

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too funny! we have the same potty except in boy colors Smile

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

too funny! we have the same potty except in boy colors Smile

Yeah, I love the potty chair, only she's already figured out how to make music without going potty, grrrrrr!

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that cracks me up!!!

so I try to sit Jack on the potty before his bath, and he freaks out and cries. but it's the big potty, not a potty chair (and I know he's nowhere near ready - was just hoping to get him used to the idea).

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Yeah, we got it so she'd get used to it as well. She's more than happy to sit on it, but has not gone potty on it. She'd much rather use it as a treasure chest or role play, lil boob! Read what she did today on Coulditbe's post. I WISH she was potty trained, haha!

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This is so cute! LOL!

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OMG! Ok, that is so funny. I literally laughed out loud!