A LO and a card

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A LO and a card

Just sharing. Smile

The card is for a friends wedding. We're invited to the evening do tonight.

Oh, and i've added a picture of Lyric's Christening cake as a bonus. It was YUMMY!!!

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Wow, that card is awesome - simple yet gorgeous! And the layout is too cute too - love the 3-D'ness! And that cake is amazing - did you make it???

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Sarah...WOW!!! Love ALL of it!! The LO is stunning...did you hand cut all those flowers? The card is amazing!! So simple, yet so pretty. And the cake....holy moly!! I must know if you made it or not...you are crazy talented!!! TFS

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I wish i'd made the cake! It was made by a friend of mine though. She's a very, very talented lady! It tasted just as good as it looked too!!

Yeah, i spent ages cutting out all the flowers myself and had a massive indent in my finger afterwards. Lol

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:eek: That layout is by far my new fave of yours'! Wow is all I can say!!!!! It looks like it came straight from a magazine. And the card is wonderful too! Lyric's cake was the prettiest thing! I'd love to be able to create cakes like that.

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Oh my that Layout is totally fabulous. It's going in the lift folder. I agree with Charys that it looks like it was straight from a magazine! Love the card too. Cake sure does look yummy and very very pretty.

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I love that layout! the polka dot paper is just perfect. and I'm totally lifting the wedding card - I have to make one this week and I'm using yours (is that okay?). and that's one awesome cake.

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I LOVE that LO. the papers, the flowers, everything. So beautiful! The card is awesome too! What a cute cake Smile

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Sarah that layout is flat out AMAZING!!!! :eek: Love it!!! Biggrin Love the card too! It's very sophisticated and clean cut Biggrin And what a cool cake!! Hi Lyric!! :wavehello: :bigarmhug:

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Biggrin Thanks ladies!!

:woohoo: for being lifted!!!!! Yahoo

:: pleased as punch::

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everytime i decide which one of your LOs is my fave, you put up another amazing LO!! beautiful!! and that card is amazing and that cake looks yummy!!

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That LO is amazing! I can't believe you hand-cut all those flowers! The cake is gorgeous!

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That layout is just amazing. I love it and will be adding it to my scraplift folder. And that card. all i can say is WOW

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Great job on the lo and card! That cake is just so cute, I can't wait to see pics of her eating it!

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Wow, love all of it! Great layout and card. Impressive cake.

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That LO is FABULOUS! Beautiful layering and pop to it!

Your card is super elegant. Love it!

And, OMG, that cake looks incredible. You have a very talented friend.


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Great Job Sarah!!! Everything came out amazing Smile

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Wow! I love your work.