LO I finished this morning :)

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LO I finished this morning :)

I am seriously in a scrapping mood these days lol!!

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Oh my goodness, that's too cute! I love the photos with the title. And you did great with the stamps.

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That is great! I was trying to figure out how you made the title, but stamps make sense:)

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Thanks! Yeah its an awesome font, I love it!! I got it at Michael's. It took me quite a while to figure out how to do that title b/c most of my alphabets are stickers, and multicolored so there's usually not enough letters. And often not big enough or enough "oomph" if you KWIM. I love chipboard but they're so darn expensive. When I have a ton of money I think I'll invest in a Cricut or Sizzix or something so I have more "renewable" alphabets lol!

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cute!! love the title

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that is too cute!!! love the title. Wink

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LOL I love that title, that's awesome!

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What a cute LO. The title fits the pics perfectly.

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Gosh, that's too cute, Lisa!!! Nice job Momma! TFS

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adorable! I love those little hands!

btw I forgot to say before that I'm in Nanaimo and I can't remember which thread you asked in. lol Biggrin

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Thats funny! I like it!