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LO in mind

Well I just downloaded some pictures off my camera since I can't work with old pictures, I thought why not just use the ones I can.. So I looked through them and wrote down all the pictures I wanted to use for layouts and I wrote down pictures for 20 different layouts... Smile 2 of them only have one picture for the layout, but I really liked what I had in mind..
One of the layouts is going to be a two page layout as well becuase it has 6 pictures.. so ya... Now I just need to write down some ideas and titles and I think journaling would be good.. Then all I need is paper and tada I can make pages.. Smile Ya me!!!

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You know what I love about scrapbooking? You can use as few or as many pictures, as you want, and if you can't find a picture, there is always card making. Anyways, congratulations on finding some pics you can use and I hope your computer is back and up and running soon. We have all our pics on disc for this exact reason. God forbid our hard drive should scramble and we'd be out of all our photos (not that I'd mind losing DH's photos of the cheerleaders)

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That's awesome - I can't wait to see what you get done!

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Good! I look forward to seing your work! Erin's right...that's the fun part of scrapbooking...you can always find something to scrap.